Bigger and Better Boobs – My Story

Bigger and Better Boobs

I come from the most loving family you could ever imagine. My dad and momĀ from China to Seattle when they were in there early 20s. My brother was born first. Then a few years later I was born. The perfect Asian-American story. Growing up I was hard working, smart and flat chested. Confidence in the classroom was there, but not on the beach. I wanted better boobs.

My Body

Chinese women are not known for having big anything. I am 5 feet tall and weigh about 110 pounds. Not a big butt or big boobs – nothing big. But I don’t live in China, I live in Seattle. This is a major city in the United States and I am surrounded by white curvy girls everywhere. I don’t want to brag, but I am pretty and have great style, but always wished more this and that.

After my senior year in high school I knew what I wanted to study and be – an architect. Not the typical Chinese career, but I saw something in myself that was so interested in designing the perfect home. taking that same feeling, I wanted to design the perfect me.


I work and eat right because not only is is important to be in shape but also want to live a long time. However, still nothing is big – including my butt. The college I got into is based in Los Angeles with warmer weather and attrative people, so I was ready to go. In the summer, I was reading and working out every day to get ready for school, but something was missing.

I knew deep down inside that for me to be happy I wanted and needed to be bigger and better chested. So I found a doctor and went in for a consultation. He suggested I get a breast augmentation that would take my full A to a full C. Actually he didn’t suggest a C, but I figured if I was going to pay for new boobs, then I should really get boobs!


The doctor then went through the steps with me and told me how long I was going to be out for. Not too long but I was lucky to have some downtime to relax and not use my arms that much. He told me I would be sore and that I was going to be achy for a while


better boobs are here

no boobs to real boobs

After the swelling went down, I went back to the doctor to see the final reveal. I had great exceptions but this plastic surgeon was more than amazing. His work had given me something I have wanted since I was just a young girl. They were full,perky and all mine. I wanted to jump for joy, but still very sore. This was money well spent and I couldn’t wait to finish my recovery and then head to the beach.

With only 3 weeks left before school started I was able to go to the pool and start working on my tan. Big new boobs, a tan and a summer long workout has prepared me for the fun and studying of college.

Los Angeles did not pressure me into this, but gave me the confidence to search for perfection in an imperfect world. I thanked my family and they each said I look great. I met a guy soon after, but I’m not sure if my better boobs was the cause or my new found confidence.

-Jan – 19 – Los Angeles

Mini Face Lift – The Story

Mini Face Lift – New Me

My 40th birthday was not at scary as my 30th, but it was close. I am not worried about getting older, and I don’t want to be 25. However, my whole life was about working out and eating right. So when the 2 weeks before by 40th birthday came, I decided to give myself a gift. The mini face lift, less invasive and better suited for people my age.

mini face list for me

what a difference a surgery can make!

My Initial Thoughts

Spending hours upon hours of doing research before I ever seriously considered this procedure. This is something that should be taken in account. You always want to have the best foundation so that if you ever decide to go through with it, you can feel confident. Finding the right doctor is also very important. Someone that specializes in plastic surgery and has done other forms is key.

Take my doctor for instance, he has done everything from rhinoplasty to fillers for the lips. In my case, the face lift procedure or mini lift – has been performed over the last 10 years with stellar results.

Outside Voices

My husband has always been the best support system i could have ever asked for. When I freaked out and turned 30, he was there. Now that i’m turning 40, he is still here and giving me the confidence to do whatever I feel like doing. This surgery is for me to be the women and see the women I want t be like in the future. I know I will never be the same girl but that is because I am way better. Physically I have never been so strong and confident.

Growing up is part of the journey and I want my new face to reflect the experience I now have, but still maintain my youth. It has always been a taboo to get surgery done. I too thought this way but that was because I didn’t know what it felt like to get older and lose my look.


The day of the show came and I was ready. I was ready to see the before in the mirror for the last time and welcome the after. My husband and I tool one last photo of us together as a rite of passing. Not in a negative way, but to allow myself emotionally to move forward. They say in the books that sometimes when a new face arrives the mind takes longer to adapt.

The idea that a fat person can work really hard for a year and lose a ton of weight. However, if they look in the mirror each day, they still feel and respond as a fat person.

I didn’t want that, I want to wake up and as soon as I could, feel young again.


This did require some sleepy gas, as I call it, and I was out fast and quick. Like just a dream at night – I woke up and boom it was done. The room was quite dark and the tv was on. My husband was right next to my side and he was there with a warm smile. As in any surgery, my face felt puffy and couldn’t really move. I was able to go home and start my recovery.

After only 7 days, I went back to my doctor, sweet man, and took off the bandages. The swelling had gone done 1000% and I felt so much better. The results were stunning. Even with the bruising I could see the skin that hinged my confidence was now gone. Just a younger me that fit in with who I wanted to be. What a choice.

-Cinthia – 2016 – Austin, TX

Fix My Nose – The Story

Fix My Nose

My nose has always looked bad. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I felt like I had a nice face, but was living with a beak. It’s funny to say now because I was able to get help, but it was real night mare before. But I had to fix my nose.

fix my nose - before and after

fixing the nose – before and after the rhinoplasty surgery

Growing Up

I grew up in a warm family and both my sisters were considered pretty. I was never considered the other, but I wasn’t the best. That is when I had my obsession with perfection. I always looked at magazines and watched tv hoping for the better look.

I become obsessed with fashion and even went to fashion school for a while before dropping out for my current job – dental hygienist. Then one day I saw this ad online for a free consultation with a rhinoplasty surgeon. What the hell was that?

More Knowledge

More and more research was done before my appointment and boy was I nervous. The day of the event came and I learned that this was nothing more than a simple cosmetic surgery. I would have to go under the knife and sleep, but it wasn’t bad. Some pain and discomfort for a lifetime of compliments? Sign me up.

The Surgery

The day of the surgery I told all my friends and family to kiss the old me goodbye and to throw me a party when it was time. I was told 8 weeks would be the perfect amount time after the swelling and scars had healed. My boyfriend drive me in and kissed him goodbye.

The doctor was very sweet and had been doing this for over 10 years! He showed me his wife who had the surgery done and told me not to worry. I was still nervous but was ready to do it!


Waking up from a surgery is never fun because you are so disoriented and lost. My boyfriend, who I love to death, was there by my side. I couldn’t move and that was a good thing because my face felt the size of the moon.

We drove home that day and went right to bed. The passing weeks were a bit tough and was able to take a week off work to help with the pain. Thanks boss!

Then after 2 weeks I went back in to the doctor to remove the bandages. I was so scared that beak girl was alive and well under there.


Oh my god! I looked like a completely different person. I don’t know if it was the swelling or the joy that caused me to cry, big crier here. But I was overjoyed and so so happy. I took some photos and sent them to my sisters and mom and they sad I looked beautiful. So cute. My boyfriend said I looked so pretty and made me cry again.

Years of torture were finally coming to a end. My birthday was coming up and decided to make it my big revealing to my friends. We went to my favorite bar near the water – Skinny Pete’s. I picked out the perfect dress to match my nose, lol, and away we went.

I walked in and everyone said that I looked even more beautiful than before. My friends are the best ever! If you are ever thinking about going in for nose cosmetic surgery, 100% recommend it. It changed my life.

-Sara Jane – 2012 – Seattle